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...than to buy his bird an Alfa! :thumbs:

Claudia, my beloved Selespeed Veloce with 90,000 trouble-free miles on the clock, has gone (well, the geezer put £100 down on her).

4 weeks of advertising on Pistonheads, Autotrader, here, Fiatforum and just a couple of real sniffs amongst all the scamming Nigerian gits (I'll qualify that by saying there are very many honest Nigerians, I feel sure).

So I park her brazenly on the road outside my house and her gorgeous good looks get me THREE interested people in a week! Infact, I'd forgotten that I sold my last Alfa, a 155, in exactly the same way!

Chap phones me last night, wants to see the car with me this morning. He takes a quick look in and out, under the bonnet, and he slaps 100 notes in my hand with the rest coming next weekend!

I had a sign in the window saying £2200 ono. He offered me £2000, I took it. He knows I'm genuine because my new 156 is on my drive! :D

That's a weight off my mind!

OK, anyone wanna buy a nice brand new Wilier Le Roi carbonfibre frameset? maybe I should park her outside (padlocked, of course) :lol: .

He didn't even drive her! :rolleyes: I bet his gf is going to be real nice to him when she sees Claudia though :eek: .

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He got himself a real bargain there, your car is a stunner and with the RHB kit on must go round corners like its on rails!

I did point a few mates in the direction of your ad..
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