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Evening folks, got to say i'm loving my Gt 2 weeks in but have a niggles list which i would like to start sorting, somethings more serious then others but they have excellent write ups. The things I am really struggling to ifnd definitive answers to are the following:

1. Side repeater bulbs, clearly 501 style bulbs ut mine are painted orange and the offside is peeling so isn't very orange, I tried some orange led's but I think there maybe a canbus issue as they stayed in faintly all the time but did actually work and looked good, what are my options.

2. Headlight condensation on xenons, how can I solve this?, the only access i can see is the fog light removing this then a hairdryer then silica packs?

3. Side light bulb, look awfull with the bright white xenons, how can these be changed?

4. Headlights washers, whats the deal with these if i have them?, the nearside one on mine wobbles all over, i can prise it away from the bumper and there doesn't seem to be any washer jets etc so I presume there arn't any on mine but they seem to be attached to something that when retracts inside doesn't pull the "blanking plate" tight witht the bumper?


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