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I'm posting this because I think that when you get good service from a place where they actually care its worth mentioning. Recently got back from Afghanistan and bought myself a 55 plate silver Alfa GT from a garage called AutoLusso on the Ferndown Industrial Estate in Dorset. Little place run by a chap called Lawrence. Its mainly a servicing and repair place but the owner occasionally sells cars as well. The guys there seem to love their Alfas and were really friendly. Even rang me up a few days later just to make sure i was happy with everything.

I was going to take the car in to get the driver side seat release catch fixed and was unlucky enough to have the dreaded Motor Control System Failure fault come up as well as the gear lever become stiff this week. Took the car back and they fixed it all at no cost. Lawrence just wanted me to be happy with the car.

I don't usually praise people for doing their jobs, but its hard to find a decent garage these days without someone trying to rip you off or do shoddy work. I will definitely be taking my car back to AutoLusso for servicing and repairs in future.

Heres their web site:
Autolusso Bournemouth. Alfa Romeo Servicing 01202 861699
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