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Hi, just joined today. I bought a '01 156 1.8 on Friday and it's going well, just started sorting out the long list of niggles. Couple of Qs though:

- It has an aftermarket radio/CD/USB/bluetooth unit but I can't get any radio stations, FM, MW or LW. How do I sort this?

- The main beam headlights aren't working at all. I've replace both bulbs and checked the fuses, no joy. There are loose brown wires that look like they connect to the lights (the plug that plugs into the lights connects ok). What do i need to do? The rest of the lights work fine, including dipped.

- The interior is leather from a scrapped 156 and the passenger seat has a loose bolt at the rear of the left seat rail that won't tighten down. Do I have to go in from underneath or do I need to pull up the carpet?

- The airbag light is on and I think it's the passenger occupancy sensor. Can I bypass this safely and still have the airbag fire in an accident?

Thanks a lot for any replies!
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