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Hello chaps & chappesses - just thought I'd say hello as just before Christmas I bought myself an 05 plate Alfa 156.
Fills in a number of "firsts" for me:
My first Alfa (my second Italian car though as I owned a Lancia HF Turbo :cool: a while ago).
My first red car.
My first diesel car.
My first 05 car (it's the newest car I've ever owned).

Before buying the Alfa I'd owned an 02 plate Vauxhall Astra SRI 2.2 for 2 1/2 years. I'd had no problems with the Vauxhall at all but fancied a change & decided to go for a diesel. We have a house on the coast that we try to get to at least once a month so somethng more economical than the Astra (wouldn't be difficult) made sense. First impressions of the Alfa are very favourable - it looks fantastic, is nice to drive, comfortable, romps along on the motorway at a decent pace & much more economical than the Astra. I don't think it'll be as practical as the Astra (which had plenty of rear legroom for passengers & could carry huge loads with the seats folded down) & it isn't as fast (the Astra went like stink when you gave it a boot full of throttle) but these are relatively minor things.

So far I'm liking the Alfa experience very much :thumbs: :) :)

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