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Hi guys and girls,
I know it’s been a while and I would like to start of by wishing everyone a nice and healthy new year!

Now, to business…
My bella needs new wheels.
I’m currently running with 17” Alfa wheels (the softened out teledials as it were),
But apparently they are a bit oval on the inside :wow:
As some guys here already mentioned the ride on a 147 with 17” is not all that good,
So I would like to switch to 16” instead (would save on tire costs as well).

As the teledial style wheels would appear too small in that size (Mine already look small when compared to lets say TI wheels), I was looking at something a bit different.
When I was looking at pictures of the GT the following caught my attention:inlove: : Romeo GT 04.jpg

Can anyone tell me if this can be ordered through aftermarket (it can be ordered through Alfa Romeo, but they charge a premium for there wheels)?
Do they make these wheels in 16” as they are only available on the GT in 18”…

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I doubt you can get those in 16's, they look like they would only suit that very low profile tyre shown in the pic. I am not sure even if the normal 'turbine' style alloys come in a 16 either.

Btw they are a skinny set of legs aren't they? ;)

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Below is a c&p from the equipment list on the Alfa Site, so it appears there is a 16" spoked alloy for the 147 Lusso , the 'o' being optional

15" Elegant alloy wheels S
16" Sport alloy wheels O
17" Super sport alloy wheels O
16" Spoked alloy wheels O
17" Sport alloy wheels
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