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What a difference!! My old Continental Sport Contact 2 front tyres were almost down to the wear bars and badly worn on the inside shoulder so yesterday I changed to a pair of Pirelli PZero Nero's.
I was immediately struck by how much smoother the ride was on the way home but this morning I set the tyres pressures and whilst I wouldn't say it's like driving a different car, it's almost like driving a different car .. the change in ride and composure is significant. The thud through the suspension over a pothole etc has all but gone, the turn in is better and the car tracks perfectly, the whole thing just feels 'better'

I'm not sure how old the Continentals were, possibly a few years as the car had only covered 17k (in 5 years) when I bought it but clearly the combination of reduced tread and potentially hardening rubber was not suited to the GT's already 'firmly damped' suspension.

So if your GT is feeling a bit harsh it might be worth having a closer look at your tyres, I don't think I've ever experienced a car so sensitive to new rubber!

I noticed a massive difference in the handling and noise when I changed to toyo proxes from yokahama. The yoko's were poor in wet and dry but my toyo's stick to the road like glue :thumbs:
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