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New to Alfa's not new to promblem cars....

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After many many years of owning French and English cars I finally can add Italian to that impressive list "why do I do it to myself"

So a 156 Sportwagon popped up locally to me at a price that was just a little to tempting and knowing full well it has to come back and bit me.

I went completely blindfolded as at the price it was on offer for I wasn't expecting to much after all I never even asked what year/colour/engine/mileage was..

But I was mildly suprised by what was on offer.

2002 Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagon 1.8TS (Turismo I believe) 135K, with tax and test until November.
Quick flick of the key to make sure it had an engine and a deal was struck 300 of my hard earned English pounds.

Problem wise, of course it has some at this price, temp sensor, rear wiper arm and drivers sun visor could really do with 2 new front tyres but I would rather have a nice fresh set of wheels.

Now am off for a look round to see if there is some cool bits I can do or little bits to tinker with :lol:
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Hi, a warm welcome from the Lincs Mob !!!

We are quite an active little group here so it would be very nice to see you in the Lincs Lounge and at some of our Meets soon. Lots of these coming up, some great ones coming up over the next few Months.

The next Evening Meet is still in the planning stages so do keep an eye on the Lincs Lounge for the announcement.

Our “ regular “ Meets are usually ( but not always ) on a Thursday evening and are scattered around the County and these are interspersed with our “ special “ Meets throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn. In the Winter we usually have a few Breakfast and afternoon Meets to keep us going. We always have a lot of Events during the year, some of them are just Beer and Chat type things but a lot of very special ones too, we don’t get bored here in the Flatlands. Keep an eye on the Lincs Lounge for full details.

You might want to add your details on to the “ Names, Locations and Cars “ Thread too, I generally don’t do this unless people “ask “ in there, don’t wish to give away any secrets !

Follow the Links to see what is going on and join in, I can pretty much say that you won't regret it. Apart from myself everyone else in the Lincs Section are very nice people.........

From the Lincs Lounge also follow Links and see what we have been up to in the past, some cracking Meets and some great pictures.

Lincolnshire - Alfa Romeo Forum

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What they all said.
Welcome to AO mate :D!

Allow me to draw your attention to the Folding at Home initiative some of us AO'ers are involved in. Maybe you can spare us a few CPU cycles :)

Whatever you do: enjoy your stay with us!

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You got that whole car for the price of the brake disks on my 2002 156 SW :D

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Thanks all.

I will have a gander round the Lincs section as if it normally involves cars am interested lol.

I was actually planning on buying a 147 or 206 Gti but the 156 offered so much more even more so at this bargain price, am hoping it will ignite a passion.

As a keen French car fan and owner of a 205 gti and a couple of Land Rover Discoverys am used to being elbow deep in problems lol.

Welcome‵⁀) ✫ ✫ ✫.
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After doing around 500 miles my average fuel calculations have shown returns of 36/37 MPG with me expecting high 20s I am rather pleased by this considering I havn't driven like a saint at all times.

Got down and dirty with it today and went over the bodywork giving it a nice deep clean and paint correction. I think parked up it could easily pass itself of as a car that is worth alot more.

I am looking for some new wheels thou as I think that is one part that is still letting it down. Fingers crossed the bits will turn up so I can do the dirty bits next.
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