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Hello to all! I joined the forum today.

At the moment I don't own an Alfa, but am working on getting a 156.

I used to live in South Africa, where I first had a 1981 Giulietta (which was amazing) and then I got a 2000 156, which was the car of my dreams. (with a VW, a Mazda, and various others inbetween). It was so good to get back to Alfa!

I parted with my 156 reluctantly when my family moved to London (I looked into shipping it, but was very scared of it getting damaged, so I sold it to a good friend instead). And we've been driving a Volvo, but I am hoping to get another 156 soon. Or I might even surprise myself and go for another Alfa varietal ... :)

Looking forward to interesting posts, and also to being back in the driver's seat.

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