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Hi all
Just picked up the GT after spending nearly 3 days in the workshop. Having koni fsd and eibach springs fitted.

Dan you were right with regard to cutting the fork etc. On the one side they snapped two drive shaft bolts and also snapped the ABS sensor.
On the other side they just cut the fork arm and had no issues. So just as well you left them on for me.

As for the ride I haven't had much of chance to find out. But on first impressions it all feels so much more settled on the road. No jumping around when you put the power down. Oddly it feels smoother over bad road surfaces.

But the back is looking lower than the front ? I wonder is the front wheel arch cut slightly higher than the rear giving the illusion that it's lower.

But very happy !!!

Cheers Pete
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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