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Hi Guys.
This week I bought a 2006 156. It hasn't been used yet, only sat in the garage and moved out for washing. But 2 days into owning it, I'm starting to get new problems.
The info centre has decided it no longer wants to work. There is no display or light what so ever. I've been trawling through the internet for days now with still no idea where to start. I've checked all the fuses which I can find, I believe the fuses are the 2 x 10amp fuses which also run the radio. I can't find a wiring diagram or any info about it, other than it fades with heat. ( baring in mind I have a facelift model )

Another issue which happened at the same time is the drivers climate control temp rotating dial no longer works either. I can not change the temp on that side. I think the 2 issues may be linked some how, as they started the same time.

Thanks Simon
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