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Wot will the cost be to Alfa owners, the choice repair or scrap.

Here`s the new rules bri.
What's changed?

A raft of new MOT checks were announced in January last year, but not all of them took immediate effect.

The ones that didn't kick in last January are now, as of March 20, in effect. For most cars the additional checks will include:

Headlamp levelling and cleaning devices when fitted for HID or LED headlamps
Main beam 'tell-tale' warning.
Battery (including those in electric and hybrid vehicles
Electrical wiring and connectors.
Trailer electrical socket security and damage.
Operation of 13-pin trailer electrical sockets
Operation of steering wheel lock (where fitted) including a malfunction warning in respect of an electronic steering lock
Electronic power steering malfunction indicator lamp
Electronic parking brake control and malfunction indicator lamp
Electronic Stability Control (ESC) components, including the switch (if fitted) and malfunction warning
Brake fluid warning lamp
Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)
SRS components including airbags, seat belt pre-tensioners, seat belt load limiters
and SRS malfunction warning lamp
Engine mountings
Electronic handbrake
Electronic stability checks, to check steering during emergency stops or sharp bends
Dashboard warning lights
Steering and suspension including the steering lock
Subtle checks to headlight lenses
Wiring and battery positioning in the engine

Built-in tyre pressure monitors, which alert to slow punctures.
Airbag warning lights
Seat adjusters
Doors - the locks must be in fully working order
Exhausts and catalytic converters working
Fuel pipes
Indirect vision devices such as cameras (where they replace obligatory mirrors)
It also includes having working warning lights on the dashboards and speedometer which have not until now been compulsory
Also secure battery mounting.
Since January last year, if an MOT tester found any of these instruments wasn't up to scratch they were supposed to warn the vehicle owner that it would fail the test (as of March 20, 2013), and register the fault as an 'advisory' only:confused:

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This was news around the end of last year, with implementation from March......what makes it an "August" issue? ;)

I've long been of the opinion that more cars are going to be scrapped for electronic issues than mechanical ones......Though the vast majority of these things have only a tenuous link with safety, IMHO.
A lot of the new rules came into force on 1st august.
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