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Hi guys,

Ordered my Mito about 10 weeks ago...
Seems ages ago.

135BHP Distinctive
Normal black
Black Leather interior
17" 215 titanium wheels
Tinted windows.

Delivery expected between 1-2pm this Wednesday

Cant wait... :)

Congrats themose:thumbs: Yes, how is it going?:)

Funnily enough mine arrived on Wednesday too!!!!!

So far I am really impressed with it. Blue&Me works a threat. Dynamic mode is excellent, and even scared the wife!

so far so good!
Looks great:cool:

I've gone for the Alfa red metallic as well but mine isn't due until Spetember/October time:cry:

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Congrats on your new cars. The Mito is a little cracker. :thumbs:

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Thanks, yes I am loving it so far. There didn't seem a massive range of colours available, but the deep red was my choice from the start.

As for things getting too close, I am now craning my head out of the kitchen window to make sure none of the kids are within 6 feet of it!!

The black door is actually TheMose's black MiTo. We own a business together and the cars arrived on the same day!

I didn't know he had posted on here, but when I found it after trying to join the cloverleafclub I found this thread and couldn't resist posting.

The car has had comments (positive ones!!) from everyone who has seen it so far, and my son (3 yo) is obsessed!!


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Heres what I think after having it for 5 days.

Now, bare in mind my last cars have been these:

fiesta XR2
Cavalier SRI
Peugeot 406 coupe 2.0

All the above were basically 3rd or 4th hand disposable cars.
This Mito is my first new car, so while some people may say that the steering isnt as great as 'this or that'
I can tell you first hand compared with what Ive been used to, the steering is the Bogs Dollocks.

DNA - Normal mode, is great and simply when you put your foot down, the car moves very well indeed.
Dynamic mode blew me away, it was far, far quicker than what I expected for a 1.4, but apart for showing off Normal mode is what I'll be using the most of at the moment as it does everything I want.

Handling - this thing again compared with my ex-cars holds the road like glue

Stop/Start - works great but also has a simple button press to clear it.

Stero - basic stereo here, not the Bose & to be honest Im glad I saved the £600 odd quid.
The stock stero sounds fantastic, gives good bass and terble. Thumbs up.

Blueandme - works like a charm.
Media player (usb for music) Fantastic

MPG after a week its around 40mpg (135bh)

Overall: Now call me mad but I didnt test drive it, however I can tell you this car has topped my expectations and you sadly cant say that for a lot of things these days.
I love it!! Its Awsome

Please note though, Im giving my views from driving older cars before.
I can't comment for how it compares to other new cars out there..
but I imagine it holds it own comfortably.

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Hi themose, I own a 135MA Veloce. And yes I agree with you, it drives like a total beast glued to the road. I'm driving a Fiat 500 TwinAir Turbo as a courtesy car at the moment, and I must say that I'm quite impressed with this car. It doesn't quite compare to my car, lol. But nevertheless, for a 0.9L, it's very very nippy. Press the ECO button and the average mpg shoots up by 5mpg almost immediately.. And according to the book, it can do up to 70mpg on average.. Excellent little car, but still prefer my alfa ^.^ The only thing I don't like about the Fiat 500 TwinAir Turbo is that the engine sounds like a lawnmower when you put your foot down.. It's like it's about to explode.. :/
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