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New MAF needed.

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Happened last night while rushing to meet the rest of my family for dinner, after all that brutal heat of the trains and the tube into and out of London. :(

First I thought i had run out of petrol, so had to trek to the nearest petrol station ...... in that heat around 6.30, filled a can and got her to the station stuck 50 quid in there and made my way into St. Albans only for it to conk out again at a set of lights and wouldn't re-start other than 2 seconds after ignition. :cry: (also why is there a need to abuse anyone at the side of the road is beyond me and was really getting me going as well :mad: ). So had to call out road side assistance (handily added RAC cover to my bank account :thumbs: ) they plug in and diagnose the MAF. So he teased off the sensor just above my induction kit and hey presto she fires up and I can at least limp home tired hungry and ****ed off.

Cost of a MAF.....aprox 170 plus fitting. (that's about right isn't it chaps?) :confused:

Having said all this, I haven't had anything really go wrong with her so all in all she is still my bella :inlove: even if I did look sideways at her last night :rant:
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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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