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has anyone bit the bullet and bought a new key and knows the real price for replacement. i only have one working key for both gta's. the spare on the saloon is definately lost the code for the car and wont open it or start it will just turn over. the estate however the spare key red light works when u press the fob but wont open or close the doors, but will start the car.

so i reckon the saloon will need a new spare key. the original key that im using the silver push out metal bit is broken so cant hook it my bunch and am always looking for it. can the spare key not be recoded etc or will i have to get another key. the dealer dont seem sure and as always wants me to book the car for whatever there hourly rate is.

autolusso ive seen do ecu with two keys, are these the original keys recoded or new ones.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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