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New In Canada

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Hello from Canada. I have just imported a 1996 ***** Spider 2.0TS from Japan. These as you probably know were never imported into North America. As of now the oldest of these Spiders are 15 years old we can legally import into Canada. I bought mine (cheaply) from an auction in Japan and is now safely and happily registered to drive in Canada. It has 84,000km from new and is in very nice condition. Almost everything works correctly on the car and little sorting is needed. On the down side, as these were never sold here from new sourcing parts locally is non-existent. I was wondering where the best source of parts in England is. Right now I am specifically looking for a release switch for the soft top/rear cover plate on a manually operated soft top. It is a two button switch that sits on the panel behind the drivers seat. I have done my google searching but so far have had no luck. Great to be on the forum.
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Welcome to AO :)

Salute, Giordano.
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