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Hello guys !

So here we go, I'm João Filipe, I'm Portuguese,living in Switzerland, I have 19 years old, and to many Alfas at home :biglaugh:

I frequent a lot of Alfa Romeo Portuguese forums so I know a little of ''how to''. I have all of my projects
published in, so I wanna do the same in this forum.

I take this opportunity to say that I'm the admin of the Alfa Romeo Powaa page on facebook, and I also created the ''Alfa Romeo Clube Portugal'' group.

I breathe Alfa Romeo since childhood! My father had is first Alfa 75 2.0 ts in 89 and then.. We just have Alfas at home.

Here is the list of our Alfas at home.

Alfa Romeo 75 2.0 TS
Alfa Romeo 33 s2 1.5 TI
Alfa Romeo 33 s3 1.5 Carb
Alfa Romeo 33 s3 1.7 IE 8V
Alfa Romeo 33 s3 1.7 16V
Alfa Romeo 166 ph2 2.4 JTD 20V 175
Alfa Romeo 156 1.8 TS
Alfa Romeo 916 GTV V6 TB

I will try to make some topics of my own Alfas and publish them.
My daily car is the 33 1.7 IE, but someone hit my car three weeks ago... Stay tuned! New's are coming !

I love you guys. :byebye:
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