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Hi there,
just wanted to say hi :)
just bought a nice 88' Spider Veloce in black..
going to pick it up next week....

Any Alfa drivers in east TN?


Cheers, Mike

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Hey mike welcome on-board. Hope you like the forum you will find many people that can give you good advice here. Hope you enjoy your car too!

Drive safe


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Hi Mike,

Welcome to AO. We have a couple of classic spiders among AO member, but I can't recall if anyone has the series 3 (aerodynamica).

Of course we are interested in pictures once you have picked her up.


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Hi all..
thanks for the warm welcome...
originally I was going for an 1972 Spider..... however they are harder to get in a good condition... mostly from California .... however I am planning to pick her up next weekend .. it is a original owner spider with cream leather interiour and a wooden steering wheel+ shifter knob... comes with orignal documentation, factory manual.. zero rust.. low milage (85k miles)...

DARN :D can't wait to drive her around .. it is still quite warm.. so I 'll have some nice days ahead :D
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