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I have just bought my first Alfa 147, got a few bits and bobs which need repairing so wondered if I could get some advice on here before getting ripped off at a mechanics.

So things that need addressing are:

  1. Both heated seats dont work
  2. lights on control centre (ac/heat knobs) has gone
  3. key fob doesnt work, inside system is broken
Any advice on how to fix these, (on a budget) would be much appreciated.


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Welcome to AO :)

1. Check the fuse first for the switchs although I assume the switch will have burn't out as they commonly do because people leave them on. One thing to check though. Does your 147 come with heated seats as standard? What spec is your car.
2. If you are handy with tools then you can strip the centre console apart and change the bulbs. Again cheap fix :)
3. What is broken on the key fob? does the lock button not work? The button can come un soldered on the board inside. You can repair this yourself with a soldering iron :). Second thought. What is the battery like in the key?
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