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Hey Guys

Just thought I would check in and introduce myself.

I have just exchanged my boring Mondeo for a 156 1.8ts Sportwagon, what I nice place to be in comparison.

She is in OK nick but could do with some TLC both inside and out and is what I consider a bit of a project to bring her back from the brink.

I am intending to do most of the work myself as I have done a few restorations before, including my 1st car a mini clubman, a vw golf mk2 TDi and 2 Mazda MX5's.

1st Job is going to be Cam Belt, Water Pump and Variator etc hopefully this coming weekend.
Therefore does anyone have any advice, tip's and idea's before I start.

Also I know this is really cheeky being a newbie, but if you don't ask you don't get, is there anyone who would be prepared to lend me a cam lock tool and a Variator removal tool as im keen to get this up and running as my daily driver.

Anyways thanks in advance


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