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Hi everyone,

I need to re-do paint of the front bumper and wing of my Giulietta after one unfortunate close encounter. What I would like to do is get original paint manufacturer products (base Nero Etna paint and respective clear-coat) and have them applied by registered/official AR dealership which handles the rest of the work. They were very helpful with all requests, but suggest getting match-mixed aftermarket paint. I don't feel comfortable with this, since paint has very peculiar shine, reflection and refraction, due to presence of colored particles. Car was kept in garage almost 100% of the time when not on the road, so I assume quite good paint overall condition.

Does anyone know who is the original manufacturer or AR supplier of Nero Etna paint and clear-coat?

I contacted Alfa Romeo customer support (after locating their contact details using twitter account), but that thread led nowhere. Basically, they are directing me to the dealership, ignoring the question.

Any advice or help is highly appreciated. Thanks!
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