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Need some help getting the correct Brake Master Cylinder for my 2000 CF2 156 2.0L T.Spark

The brake pedal 'sinks' in traffic and only had 22% brake imbalance from MOT this year.

As I understand there are different brake mater cylinders for different variations of engine and models.

Went to the local motor factors to get a quote and the salesman asked me to find out the piston diameter and the case material of the cylinder, i.e. cast iron or aluminum.

Iv'e got a feeling its 22.2mm Dia, but not sure on the case material, cast aluminium?

Also, looking on Alfa Workshop its listed at a gasping price of £260 but was wondering if anyone has had success with a quality aftermarket part.

Or, If there is a refurbishment seal kit that i don't know about.

Thanks for reading. Chris
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