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Hi All

I was hoping someone could help me find the right Alfa 147, I am not looking to spend too much £2500 max, as it would mostly be sat on my drive under a car cover due to the nature of my Job.

Very Bored of my current ''Bland no thrills 1.2 2005 Corsa'', looking to Sell it too possibly or Part Ex, and then save up the rest for a Nice 147, I have had a browse through the online sites such as Auto Trader, there is no hope in hell I can get a V6 GTA on insurance, nor can I spend that much on a car i will hardly get to drive, I love the one my friend has, and would like one with similar styling and mechanics such as Suspension System and Limited Slip Diff etc.

I would Prefer
  • Petrol
  • 3 Door
  • Leather Seats
  • Needs to Be Manual/semi auto
  • With or Without Selespeed

However not essential, I appreciate I am Very Picky but I know once I find the right car it will be loved for.
I Love the GTA wheels so that would be a bonus or again similar Style. Also if someone can take the time too list Different Variants of the 147 and BodyStyles etc, That would be so helpful, Cannot wait until I find the right one.

Many Thanks:thumbup:
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