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Hello fellow Alfa fanatics,

This is Thijs from Holland and i need your help !

I bought a second hand Navigation with the colour screen for my Alfa 147 (2004).
it looks like this one :$_84.JPG

So here is my question : i need a mastercode for this radio but i looked on the forum and i need a serial number to retrieve the code. There is no sticker on the radio with this serial number. So i started to do more reseach if there are other options to get my radio working and i stubled upon a firmware update for the radio that should "reset" the mastercode.
Does anyone here know how to fix this problem ?
(i contacted the local radio dealer and they sayed they could retrieve the code out of the radio for €125!! and now i hope there is another way)

Sorry for my poor english, i hope you will understand it.

Tanks on beforehand.


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