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A little boy had been very naughty, leading up to Christmas.
So, his father thought he'd teach him a lesson.
On Christmas eve he went into his room, removed all his presents from his stocking,
and replaced them with a pile of horse manure..!

In the morning the little boy went into his sisters room.
"What did you get for Christmas..?! He asked her.
"Well, I got a dolly, a pram, some games and a teddy bear... Why, what did you get..??"

"I think I got a Pony.... But its ran away...!!!!"


Ah, well... At least it was clean...:thumbs:

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:cheese: V good.

Baby Balloon couldn't sleep - so he went to his Mum and Dad's room. He squeezed into bed beside his parents but there was'nt enoungh room. He took some air out of himself - no good. So then he took some air out of his Dad. Still no good - so he took some air out of his Mum and got comfy.

Next morning at breakfast Baby Balloon's Dad gave him a ticking off - " ....son, last night your behavior was unacceptable. You let me down, you let your mother down and worst of all - you let yourself down...."
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