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National GT 2013 Meet - Best Of Award / Photo Thread

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Sure we will have loads of pictures to post after the event on the 20th April....Thought I would pre-empt thread so we can put pictures all in the same place.

To add a bit of fun I have put together a presentation gift for the GT that is collectively considered to be the "best" of the day ....The GT colour book is very rare - one of only around 50 made (so I'm told) ....I added the decal ...!!

Will be a simple vote .....clearly you cannot vote for your own GT :lol:

Not to late to add your name to the RSVP ............:rolleyes:
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What a fantastic weekend . All confirmed GTs came along ....The award was not presented (I forgot) ...and some guys had left to make their journey home...:( ......General consensus was there was no clear winner as all the GTs were clearly spot on , even mine with the "odd" wheels :) ....will keep the award as a memento ... pictures coming soon this space ....:)

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!5 GT's lined up on the front at Lytham, don't think we managed to keep a convoy of 15 for long though :cheese:
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