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If anyone is interested in my collection please PM me :)

Here we have my xbox 360 with all my games and accessories i've acquired over time.

It's a Jasper variant with a 20Gb hdd
2 x controllers
DJ hero turntable
guitar hero Gibson les Paul controller
Microsoft force feedback steering wheel
2 x headsets
Xbox wireless adaptor
Nyko intercooler (to prevent RROD)

Games as follows;
Gears of war I & II
007 quantum of solace
Fallout 3 + the pitt & operation anchorage add on packs
Call of duty 4 modern warfare
Call of duty modern warfare 2
Assassins creed
Assassins creed II
Grand theft auto IV
Half life 2 orange box
Guitar hero aerosmith
Guitar hero III legends of rock
DJ hero
F1 2010
Forza motorsport 2
Forza motorsport 3

BTW, no section in the classifieds for non alfa merchandise :eek:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts