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My "TI" lookalike project and some recomendations

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I just thought I'd take a moment to share my recent modifications and recommend some parts and suppliers.

I bought my 159 1.9 JTDm Lusso about three weeks ago. It was exactly the colour combination I wanted (black bodywork with biscuit/natural leather) and it had FSH, 112,000 miles. I paid £4800.

However, I had seen a lot of pictures of the 2.4 Ti models whilst looking around and LOVED the look of the larger wheels and lowered suspension so I started looking around at aftermarket bits and bobs.

I found a nice set of 19" TI alloys (with Pirelli P Zero Nero tyres) for £675 locally. I fitted them to the car but of course the car looked a little silly - it needed to be lower.

I looked for lowering suspension kits on ebay and found these on ebay for £229. I wasn't 100% sure about buying an unnamed brand but thought I'd give it a go. If the shocks were rubbish I could still use the springs. When the kit arrived I was very pleased to see FK markings on the springs and shocks! They all had FK code numbers on which corresond to the FK suspension kits on sale for a lot more than £229! The shocks and springs are now fitted and the car sits perfectly on its new wheels. It also rides very nicely. Not too firm, just surefooted and reassuring. Not crashy or harsh like other aftermarket suspension I've had in the past. Perfectly livable with. I'm very happy.

I looked around for TI skirts next to complete the look. I found a couple of breakers who wanted far too much for skirts and then found this supplier on Italian ebay. They arrived quickly and are a very snug, neat fit. They're plastic (not fibreglass) and my local spray shop said they were great. Not bad for £124 a pair. They're costing me £60 to get sprayed and I'm picking them up this Saturday.

Once the skirts are fitted (along with a pair of nice chrome mirror backs and some nice TI badges I picked up) it should look the business.

I'll post up some before and after pics tomorrow. I'm very pleased and the car looks so much better now than before. Very smart without looking "kitted up" or chavvy. Like a TI that just rolled out of the showroom. Well nearly....