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I bought a 156 2.5 V6 earlier this year for a song. Having spent a bit getting her running right, she has turned out to be an absolutely belting car. I absolutely love it. :inlove: So much so that I entered it in the Screwball Rally and drove it round 2,500 miles through France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Italy. Amazingly the 14 year old thing didn't skip a beat.

Anyway, I broke up with my girlfriend recently and have lent her the V6 until she can get a car of her own. However, we were chatting this evening and she has asked if she can buy the V6 off me for a grand as she loves it so much! I feel torn as I love the car so much (that Supersprint exhaust is just soooo good!), but it would help Sal out. Hmmmm...

But this gives me an idea... Having got a taste for the semi skimmed Busso, surely a full fat 147 GTA or GT V6 would be even better?! :D

I don't know much about them though truth be told. Presumably in terms of economy there isn't much difference between the 2.5 and the 3.2 V6, but quite a step up in terms or performance?

Presumably the GTA is the more focussed car compared to the GT? Or are they broadly the same? Which is the better car?

Looks like £5k would get me a good one now the way prices have gone. Q2 diff seems essential.

Any feedback, or guidance from those of you in the know would be welcomed.

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