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Drove one today :cheese:
155 hp, 18" with Pirelli Nero, Sport pack with reddish carbon interior.

Simple review: like it, would buy it :) if needed a small car.

Drives very very good, I would compare it to my 147 2.0 with GTA antiroll bars and front Bilsteins, but with much much more comfort even on 18" wheels (and I have 16").
I have tried the same corners from 100 to 130 kph and slower ones and no roll at all, car is very controlable with gas pedal, feeling on the steering is OK, don't agree with people who says that steering is too light. To be honest steering is little strange, not like normal steering, not linear, on the first input it is very fast (in corners) then it "slows down", but it took me only few minutes to adjust. After, it was strange to drive 147 again :). OK steering is little lighter than on 147, but I see no problem in that, for me feeling of the road was very OK.
It is extremely light when parking, but why not, who cares?

I drove it almoust all the time in D, because in N with me and 2 people inside, engine felt like it has a big turbo lag. When put in D, it seems like a completely different beast :)

I was amazed how the car was comfortable on 18" wheels (and I tried to drive it on the VERY bad roads), and on the same time when cornering there is nor roll at all. This car has potential to be king of the B roads (not like Mini and Clio sport) even without adjustable suspension (roumors say it wil be standard on 149, and Mito GTA).

Driving position is very good, even for me with 192 and almoust 100 kg, and guy in the back seats had no complaints.
I like that it has a lower windows line compared to 147, so I was able to see objects on the ground (curbs) easier when parking in smaller space.
Brakes are ok, a little softer than on 147 but easily adjusted (not like Audi I tried which has only on/off position).

Anyway do not believe journalist on the Motoring press because they as usually say crap, and every time when testing Alfas are much harder then when testing other "sports" cars.

I have read few days ago a test of Mito 155 vs Mini Cooper S in the latest Croatan EVO (I believe that the test is not in the UK EVO), and they said that Mito is a very good car but Mini is still the king.. they talk about vague steering, no feel of the road like Mini, where is the Alfa Sud, and usual crap, but in the same time they said that they could keep up with Mini with no problem at all?? and on the bad roads Mito is even better because Mini jumps on the road imperfections, and Mito in smooth. Their conclusion is that Mini is better because the feel is better? but on the same time Mito was able to keep up with no problem at all?
I like EVO guys, and I know that they like tougher hardcore cars, but my questions is: if you have two cars who are equaly fast, which car is better, one in which you have to work much harder to maintain the pace or the one in which you don't have to work that hard and you don't even have the feeling that you are driving that fast?
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