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My project plan

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Hi guys,

Here's what I plan to do......

Ordering Tune box (CR Tech2 from Bluespark) this weekend along with 2no. Deflector plates and a K&N Airfilter replacement.
My mechanic friend & I will be stripping the EGR next weekend to carb clean it properly and when re-installing the valve incorporate the two deflector plates.... (rectangular 4 holes and oval 3 holes).

How does this sound?
Full exhaust system at Christmas I reckon.....

What I've mentioned above is based on everything I have read these past few weeks and from various threads.
my post here is my take with regards to getting a more responsive GT, more fuel efficient (although great anyway) and an increase in power when required (but being careful), as I want to look after my clutch and flywheel etc (Big bucks).

So, those of you fellow enthusiasts who clearly know a lot more than I do in this instance I would appreciate your thoughts - Simple but effective?! :thumbs: or :tut:
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Good luck. Should be great. Almost like a OEM+ version.
Small tweaks can really make a car that little bit better.

Enjoy it why you keep it and make sure you give it a good few runs.

Simple mod like strut bar will help if you are battling through the B / A road twisties. Makes a difference to directional change with the heavy diesel lump in the front.
A rear Strut brace will also help with understeer.

They are easy to install too and require no real fabriaction or suspension changes. just helps stiffen the car up a little
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