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I have a slightly battered 2001, 156, 2 litre Selespeed which has to go. The MOT and tax are up at the end of December. I have spent at least £2500 on replacement parts and repairs [the car cost £2000]. I just can't continue to fund the repairs it requires.

This sounds terrible ['cos it is an Alfa]... I can get £150 from a scrap dealer [based on the weight of the car]. I would be happier that it went to someone who can make use of it. It has a lot of good stuff [technical term] on it [all work by Smaky] and is too good to scrap.

The car still drives ok [I'm still using it for my daily 20 mile commute], albeit with the terrible noise coming from the power steering pump... anyone wanting to buy will be able to drive it home.

Good points:
good engine
82000 miles
grey leather interior in good condition
new'ish tyres [I have done a 1000 miles on them]
radiator, front shocks and front brakes replaced 11 months ago
belts last replaced at 75000 miles

Not so good points:
driver side headlight isn't straight [due to some idiot bashing the car in a car park]
driver side wing is bashed [around the headlight]
big ding under the drivers side headlight
engine thermostat needs replacing - doesn't get up to 90 on the gauge [unless in traffic]
often slips in first gear - I'm sure this can be adjusted as the gear box and clutch are less than two years old
various small scratches and dings about the bodywork
the power steering pump needs to be repaired or replaced [a bearing apparently]
anti roll bar bushes need replacing
and that is about it!

£150 for it would be great. Anyone interested in please get in touch.


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its not the one i was thinking of but iff you pm me your number i could come over at some point to have a look at the car
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