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My 'local' independent Alfa specialist has my GTA for a few days while its serviced, upgraded and generally tinkered with and as a courtesy car I was given a 156 - a 2.5 V6 no less :)

When I jumped in it to drive home I had something of a flashback, remembering the last time I drove a 156 - my old Sportwagon I bought new in 2001 - god I loved that car! The day after I picked it up, we drove all the way to the Isle of Skye (from London) for a week and couldn't get over how cool, fast and smart it was - took more pics of the car than I did anything else (will have to dig them out and post them up...)!

Had it for 5 years, eventually trading it in for The Family Van we have now and was nearly in tears when I had to hand the keys over (though this might have been due to the depreciation it suffered...). My last trip in the car was through North London to pick my missus up from work in Wood Lane, and in what seemed to be a final reminder of Alfa ownership, ended up getting a ticket for driving down a bus lane.

Despite this (and the AC packing up one summer, and the brake lights failing once, and getting nicked for speeding...), I still miss it and these past couple of days in the courtesy car have set me thinking - has anyone here now got my old 156 SW?

Its dark blue, 2001, 2.0 TSpark with light grey leather seats - Y639 KRX.
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