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My new old 147!

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Hey all,

As per this post , well I finally got it for the grand price of £200 thanks to work! They needed to get rid of it as they needed its carparking space back.

So here she is, next to the Punto:

Now to go through it's surprisingly small list of faults to ask for any tips, some may be stupid but I don't have a handbook and it's my first Alfa!

1. On the centre console, we have the cup holder, next to it we have something with an icon that looks like a credit card? Anyway the cover for that is missing, just a hole. What should it be and is it something I can fix without a full new unit?

2. Are the lights at the bottom of the grill just for the indicators or should they be fog lights too? It appears only the top half a lit when indicating and I can't see any fog lights, however, the bottom of the light unit is half full with water!

3. When trying to adjust the main beam light position, I hear the motor moving, but the lights don't move, I think they're set at the lowest position.

4. I can knock the wiper stalk up to wipe the window once, keep it held up to keep it wiping. Turning the lower stalk sets the rear window wiping, so I thought turning the upper stalk would set the front wiper on the go, but we get nothing. Should the setting in the picture have the wipers on?

5. The interia is an ugly tan colour, how much should I look for paying for a black cloth set? Will the 3 door fit into the 5 door? Obviously I'd have tilt when I don't need them. Is replacing them easy enough, I know they have side air bags, is that a problem?

6. What does the 'mi' button do?

Finally, what do you think this car would be worth if I sold it privatley, and if I traded it in for another Alfa?

Full-ish service history,
115k miles,
1.6 TS Lusso,
3 month MOT,

Thanks all!

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2. just indicators, fog lights are 'oddly' in the main headlight cluster

3. no idea

4. move the stalk downwards to turn intermittent on then again for continuous wipe and again for fast wipe. you can alter the speed of intermittent wipe with the outermost toggle on the stalk.

5. Talk to autolusso, they will have a few interiors, may even have a few leather ones so you can take your pick.

6. resets mileage next to the odometer

I'd say if you fix some of the tatty bits £1000 in Part ex if you have service history with it.
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