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It's been acting like a pig!!:cheese:
Actually, it was invaded by a particularly nastyvirus/trojan, and completely disabled it. I had to reformat, and hence lost everything:rant:
My Outlook Express was hijacked apparently, which is why I can't send emails, although I can receive them..somebody was diverting or reading them, and then closing them down.
So, the whole point of this post is this:
I can't understand why you have to 'log in' to Dropbox in order to download the file? It is meant to be a free access site to share files etc., so I will have to enquire about that:rant:
Anyway, going from memory, I think somebody enquired how much I wanted for my Spider, and the hardtop. I really don't know! I know how much I have put into it, and I value it at 6.500 euros. I have asked around how much the hardtop is worth, and have been advised it is around 500-800 euros depending on condition. It is an 8 out of ten, in my opinion. heated rear window works fine.
My Outlook Express is still not usable, so anybody who wants to email me can use
[email protected].
I'm fed up with these a33holes who screw up other peoples' computers, and try to steal from them. Antispy programmes seem to me to be more interested in squeezing the maximum money from the purchasers, and the quality of the programme is basically cr+p!!
Sorry for the rant, but I have advertised my music equipment, cars and tools for sale, and all I seem to get is idiots, or kids on Mum's computer, or thieves. Makes you want to throw the computer in the rubbish bin!:mad:
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