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Yes I know I was very optimistic and excited about fixing it up. Since I got it back from TOny:tut: it left me stranded twice...while I'm on my way to meetings and stuff...:rant:

I just had enough. I decided to advertise it for R9000 on Sunday I think, and today some old guy calls me up and wants to see it immediately.

He rocks up in a 155 2.0 TS with nice flower 17's on...looked nice! Him and his wife are very excited to see the car and have their looks etc. Without driving it he negotiates at R7000...I say, look, for the rust etc i'll give it to you for R8000 that's it. He shakes my hand and the deal is done.

We then want to start the car and low and decides not to..its last torment of my soul! I can see the guy dreading his overeagerness and we quickly come to a solution...some wire was missing that I would otherwise never have known about.

the car drives and he takes it for a spin around the house...yes, my yards THAT big!!! As he drove up and down there i sat with my daughter in hand, she loved the car, she always sat in it whiel I worked on it in the garage while she plays with the steering wheel making brrrm brrrrm sounds, but as soon as the car used to start and the carbs sang at full tune she hated it lol.

As he handed me the cash, i drew up a make shift contract, foot stoots law steps in and we arrnage for the change of ownership and licensing to take place...he reverses the car out and he speeds off into the I watched the car with its raked stance, and its wide rear...and listen to it shift gears about 500m away its low slung body hugging the road ever so gently, I was kind of sad but happy that the issues has now left me to be sorted by someone else. Atleast its Alfa people!

I was initially going to take that R8k and put it down as deposit for the Supersprint exhaust but my wife stepped and deposited the money immediately reminding me of my credit card balance that needs to be settled and CLOSED BEFORE i can get a car:tut::wow::cry:
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