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I bought a green 1996 916 UK Spider to export it to Florida as it has to be 25 years old to bypass federal emission laws etc. I wanted a red interior instead of the black leather original so I looked around the usual places of eBay and on Facebook.

I saw a local silver GTV early phase 2 with a full Momo red interior and rang the owner. The car had stood on his drive for several years needing a fuel pump and a clutch master cylinder. He didn't want to part the car out as he needed it off his drive ASAP his wife was on his back all the time. He was asking £750 as a non runner and after a few days of texts I ended up paying £500 for the car and collected it. The leather was really nice once cleaned and as I've seen full red leather interiors for sale at £500/650 I was more than happy with the deal.

He also gave me a new clutch master cylinder that he had bought but never got round to fitting. Once I had taken out all the interior including the door cards and put them in the green Spider I decided to look the car over more seriously. The paint was faded badly in places with the typical dents and scratches with plenty of green fungus but no rust and the underneath looked very good.

I had bought some reconditioned dark alloys and new tyres for the green car so I swapped the wheels and nearly new tyres it came with onto the silver car as it's alloys and tyres were a mess.

I put the black interior back into the GTV I put the clutch master cylinder on and bought a 2nd hand fuel pump changed all the oils new plugs etc. It started and drive fine except the engine temp light and stereo is not working so I took it for an MOT. Unbelievably it passed with no advisories and is running great so far!

Up the road from the MOT garage is a paint correction guy who I've used for years he had the car 2 days and charged me mates rates of £150. When I went to pick it up I was genuinely gobsmacked it had come up so good it was like a different car, it was the best £150 I've ever spent

Fingers crossed it carries on as it is doing but whatever happens I've ended up with a lovely red Momo interior and for not much more money than I paid a taxed, insured, deep polished, Mot'd lovely GTV!

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