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Its my probably my fault because, I was thinking the other week what car I could possibly replace my 155 with. :( as it's now 12 years old, though the mileage aint to high.

Since then the exhaust before the cat started blowing, (cost £40 for new O ring fitted).

Then last night went to the car, in the car park at work, pressed the key and the alarm turned off but the doors didn't open. Tried the key in the drivers lock and couldn't get it to work, tried the passenger door and was able to unlock that door, reached across and unlocked the drivers (and back doors). Drove home from work ok. At home tried taking out the relay and fuse for the central locking, but this did help. The key fob will lock the car (if the drivers door is unlocked) but not open it. So I went to the pictures, on arriving at the car park, I stopped the car and removed the key from the ignition - but suddenly realised the engine and lights were on as I got out off the car with the key in my hand. :eek:

I re inserted the key and tried to turn off, still no luck. As I was contemplating attempting to stall the car, the engine finalling stopped, but the lights where still on (even though I had turned them off). I then removed the central locking fuse (I think, it was dark) and the lights went out, so I locked the car and went into the pictures ( meeting my mates who having seen me get in and out of the car and check the lights several times where well amused).

On coming out of the pictures, I accessed the car (using the passenger door again), and started the engine then removed the key and it carried on running :confused: for a minute before cuting out. I then started up again and notice from the check pannel that rear lights had a problem and sure enough none of the rear lights were working. I re inserted the fuse and the lights came on very bright as if the brake lights where on. Checked the brakes and they made them even brighter, so decided to risk driving home. Probably due to the strong rear lights I kept getting flashed and one bright spark in a Merc decided to follow me for a couple of miles at about 100 yards with his full beam on (bright blue Xenons) :rant:

Car turned of ok out side my house and locked ok (though the radio has been reset completely). So today I've left it at home to sulk :mad:

I'm guessing some of the problems are due to damp getting into the relay tray, but I'm not sure about the drivers door lock. Anyone got any ideas, or should I cut my losses and scrap the car!!! Shame as It has 4 good tyres, a stainless exhaust and only 85,000 miles on it, and it still goes more than fast enough and stick to the road as good car should.
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