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As the title says:lol:
Following a phone conversation with my brother who has a 147 1.9 JTD

Neil "Hey our kid, you know how you can get these re-maps done and the car runs better and stuff?"
Me "Yeah????"
Neil "Well there is this guy down our street offering to do it for £100, is it worth it?"
Me "First off, do you know him and does he work for a company who do them?"
Neil "Oh yeah, I know him, clever lad, he used to chip Xbox's and PS2's a while back but he does ECU's now"
Me":cheese: He did what?.... You are kidding me right?"
Neil " No... He was good at them... He has done my mates Audi Tdi and he says its a lot faster"
Me":lol: Ok... Is that Geoff with the Audi... The one that kicks out more smoke now than a steam train on full tilt?"
Neil "Ermmm , yeah that's the one"
Me " And isn't that the car that didn't do that before it got re-mapped?"
Neil "Ahh,:rolleyes: I see where you going with this, fair enough"
Me So.... Really, you don't need my advice on if you should let him loose on your ECU do you?
Neil " No, not when I look at it that way, cheers anyway bruv"
Me "No problem, I'm just pleased you rang me before hand:rolleyes:... You do know how I feel about re-maps but sorry Neil, but that is just wrong on so many levels bruv"

..... It's the funniest thing I have heard all week:lol::lol::lol:
What next? Rubber band merchants offering cam belt changes?:rolleyes::D

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:lol: ... funny story :thumbs:

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I had a 115hp 1.9 jtd Multipla remapped by Angel Tuning a few years back they pulled it out to 155hp, what a hoot to drive... until it shredded the clutch & flywheel... & then the box. Doh!

I eventually stuffed a box from a Fiat Marea estate in it & sold it.

Funnily enough I bumped into the guy I sold it to a couple of years later, & when he said "Hi remember me?" I had one of those "Oh God not him" moments, but he was well pleased & said it was still going strong, phew.
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