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hi I have just purchased a 2004 156 2.0 sportswagon and I have noticed the front fogs are inop , I press the button for the rear and it lights up and rear fogs work but the front doesn't , which part of the car are the fuses located to check these first ???

ta phil

There behind the panel under the steering column you need to remove the three (I think it is) screw things they turn and release .
Drop the panel and they are on the right of the column:thumbs:
Could be a relay, fuse, bulbs or bad connection on the wiring in the front bumper.
Sorry if its the 156 undo the panel on the right of the column .
Was looking at the car on your header not the thread .
There are also fuses under the bonnet if you have the owner manual it should tell you which is which.
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