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Hi All, This Is My 1st Alfa And I Love Her Already :classic:

I Bought Her 3 Weeks Ago Today After She Had Been Sat For 2 Years :speechless:

She Underwent A 10 Day Restoration (evenings after work lol)
And Gave Her The Name Anastasia (italian for resurrection) :thumbup:

Got Her Low Loaded Home The Next Day

Started Work By Reapairing The Door Cards And Swapping Inserts Out For Tan Leather, Repaired The Tweaters
And Repaired The Drivers Handle (silver opening one)

Got Her A New Bosch Battery From A Local Source :ebay::wink_org:

Changed Out The 1 Odd Wheel (fried egg lol) For The Full Matching Set

Replaced The Number Plate Light Bulbs With LED's And Of Course Shiny New Plates To Go The Extra.

Replaced The Rear Section Of The Exhaust That Had Rusted Off !! :lol:

Fixed The Dash Dimmer Switch, Cleaned The Mold / Moisture Out, Added An Air Freshner

Gave A Good Polish And A Couple Of Other Bits

2 Days Later, Straight Through The MOT With 1 Advisory :thumbup:

There Are A Couple More Things To Do, But Shes On The Road :beer:


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