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Basically I don't need it anymore and I don't have the time or patience to tart it up and flog it!!

The front bearing is going, so I just bought another car as I didn't have the window to repair it and I err, prefer my newer car now, sorry.

It's no concourse example for certain, few dings, small dent where a truck hit me, search the forums for that story, never got fixed because I used the car all the time.

What's Good

1. MOT till January
2. Tax till June 2012
3. G3 Satnav with 2010 disk
4. Loudlink (have the removed CD changer spare)
5. Electric heated leather seats (heater switches don't function as normal!)
6. DSP sound system

What's not Good

1. Belts must be due (need to check when I last had them done)
2. Quite a few body dings, one small dent.
3. Service due
4. Uses oil, I have been doing a lot of miles, 800 a week at 80/90 on motorway so I have noticed it!
5. Front bearing noisy.

It's a 2002 51-plate TS Turismo, Proteo Red, black leather, 115k (I think - i'll check!), both keys, anything else just ask me.

Sone spares, instrument panel with white dials, cruise stalks, and a parcel shelf with blinds.

All manuals and books, some service history from before I had it.

As the PM system is poor here pls email me on s t e k 1 9 6 1 at m a c dot c o m if interested, I know car is worth nowt but has to be worth more than the £50 I was offered via (did it for a laugh!)

Been a good car, never let me down, just now I'm doing mega miles so can't afford the down time of having it fixed and avoiding rip off dealer prices by going mail order, and can't even tell which bearing is worn for sure!

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Sad to see another 166er leave the fold and I hope you get a 1/2 decent offer for her. Are you being sheepish about your new wheels? ;)
Yes and no! I went brutish, aggressive and square-on! Cadillac CTS Sports Luxury, so be fair to it it rides and corners pretty close to the Alfa, not spongy, pretty much a Vauxhall underneath. Best of all it's the LPG, car will do 32mpg on motorway at a good 90mph, the Twink will drop to that at 90mph, and I can get 350 miles for 40 quid or so. And that's a 3.6 ltr booting it quite often.

Plus tho the 166 is well screwed together, this is much better. Not all good tho, auto box isn't the best, gets mixed up sometimes with inappropriate changes and well, that's it. I had the DSP on the 166 and it's ace, but the Bose on this it EON's better, really hurts you chest with the volume up and bass thumping. Nice.

Another thing is on the Cad all is working, LH indicator, seat heater switches ;)...

Still love the 166, and to be honest if no-one wants it I'll keep it as a spare, I can afford to sort it, just no time, I'm not expecting much for it tho, certainly it's not worth anything near a grand. I won't scrap it of break it that's for sure.

Here's a pic of my latest, not everyone's cup of tea...


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