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Hi All,

You may have read my thread "Excellent, My first Breakdown......", in which I detailed the running problem I was having.

Well, good news is it's sorted! It was as Palmer & Phillips in Oxford suggested a wiring problem, in fact with the Crank Pos Sensor loom. That and the ECU Temp sensor wires had been badly tucked in at some point, and were rubbing on the aux belt causing them to wear through (see pic)

A few more pics below, including the results of polishing up some engine bits, the old Radiator that's lacking in cooling fins, before and afters of the engine bay, and also the difference between the pretty dead thermostat that I took off the car - as can be seen it's stuck open and covered in limey ming!

Dead Radiator...
Old Thermostat housing was gross!
The old thermostat next to the new one, note the old one stuck open
Before Engine bay clean/polishing
After Engine bay clean/polishing

Thanks for the assistance to all those who replied!!



You're oil pressure sender still looks manky though ;) ;)

Rest looks good though. Yes..every 164 thermostat does it:rolleyes:

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