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Evening all

I'm a proud owner of a 53 facelift 156 however i'm new to Alfas and was looking for some pointers.

Firstly my airbag warning light is intermittently (once every 3-4 journeys) on is this a common problem and is it a simple fix or does it need a diagnositc machine fix?

Secondly the brake calipers haven't been looked after and are rather rusty externally, still function fine but look crap! I'm worried about the lack of care with them and i'm thinking of replacing the whole lot. Is this a worthwhile move or can they be refurbished easily?

Finally does anyone know of a good place of get your wheels refurbished around Bristol as mine have a couple of light kerbing in them. Not from me mind!

Thanks in advance for any advice people can offer


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The airbag warning light is a common problem.
There is a sensor under the seat so that only occupied seats have the aribag deployed in an accident. This cable has a very nice watertight conenctor on it but still they seem to suffer.

Some say remove the car battery but I've not had to when opening the connector, cleaning the contacts with electrical contact cleaner and reconnecting it. should be fine for about 5 months before it needs doing again.

Just don't have the ignition on. Remove the battery for safetys sake.
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