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Since I've had my 147 selespeed, its always slipped the clutch when changing up gears if the car is cold. After putting up with looking like a crap driver with poor clutch control, I finally decided to get it looked at when i thought it was happening slightly when warm too.

So, off i go to see Roy at AutoItaliana in Exeter who for a very reasonable 25 notes, performs a recalibration and adjusts the clutch stop pin back to 28mm. This seemed to fix the problem, but the clutch was now seeming to 'snatch' more when it was cold. I was hoping that this would be temporary.......and in some ways it was! That evening, after some nasty grinding noises i lost all motion in the car. It would allow me to select gears fine, but would then not go anywhere! The selespeed system at this point would realise that something was afoot and bring up a failure message.:rolleyes:

Anyways.. several recovery trucks later, phone calls to the extended warranty people (who regret the day they sold me a warranty) and the car is back in the garage awaiting a new clutch. I'm thinking the slipping may have been more sinister than first thought!!!:eek:

Oh, and I've got an Alfa 33 courtesy car which is just an absolute hoot to drive:inlove:
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