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Forum members often ask us about Multi-car cover. The perception is that it works out cheaper to have all your cars on one policy. However, it’s interesting that the TV adverts now include a message that says 'Multi-car policies may not be cheaper than separate policies in all cases’. It seems their real proposition therefore is that you get the simplicity of having all your cars on one certificate with one renewal date - and presumably one large bill ALL AT ONCE (unless you pay extra for the instalment option).

As a comparison, we recently quoted a member from another club for all 7 of his cars (some were classics). Admiral wanted £2150 under their multi-car policy. We quoted them individually for a total of £1650 - with one insurer as it turned out. A saving of £500!!

Another forum member said:

"We just switched from Admiral to CKI and rather than paying out over £900 for our two cars we are now paying £695 for both. The lady on the phone was very helpful and they pulled out all the stops to get our business, still beating Admiral who dropped their offer to £789.26. Excellent stuff."

So the message is, especially if you have 2 or more cars in your family fleet, give Chris Knott Insurance a call for a no-obligation quote.
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