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While parking in Leamington with the family outside Pizza Hut I swung into a parking spot. While reading the parking allowance sign and listening to a 3 year old and a 5 year old fight over a conker I did not notice a 1 foot brick wall at the front of the parking spot...AND BANG !!!!.

Its not good... Caught the funny pointy thing of the bumper below the fog light (what I would call the air scoop !!) and its smashed, cracked and gone inwards. Its a new bumper:cry:

As its a company car it will be fixed for free :p but I can only send it in once a year or I'm charged £150. Should I send it in now...or wait until after the bad weather just in case someone runs into me:confused: As I had three drivers run into the back of me in the winter last year:(
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