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Hello everyone, I am new here as you can see and wanted to discuss motorsports in the middle east. Let me start by introducing myself. I am Sam Mahdavi and I am owner/operator of a performance shop called Mahdavi Motorsports in Atlanta, Georgia United States. We have been a pioneer in import performance and have had many accomplishments in the past decade. If your familiar with a Speed show call Pinks then you may know about us. We work on all cars, as well as build street performance cars, and race cars. Below you will see a few links on you tube of some passes we have made.

YouTube - Pinks practice pass

YouTube - Pinks all out run

YouTube - Mahdavi vs. AAP

Next you will see a couple of links for How stuff and click on the video link for how turbos work, and manuel transmissions. You can then put a face with a name.

HowStuffWorks "How Manual Transmissions Work"

HowStuffWorks "How Turbochargers Work"

click on play video on each link.

Anyways, let me get to the point. I have had a lot inquiries about motorsports and questions regarding upgrades from the middle east like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Isreal, India, etc. I was wondering about the motorsports industry in UAE. I know that there are lot of people there interested in it, but are there many places to go and get your car modified, or maintaned. I have offers of coming out to that area and opening a shop to do custom and one off jobs like we do here in the states. We have races for four seasons, and have two champoionships, and one runner up against GM under our belt. We are one of the best in the states when it comes to diagnosstics, and repair, and modifications. So would this benefit the people of Dubai? Is there an open market and laws that allow people to modify their vehicle? Are there any shops where people can go and have any mods done, or their special sports or family cars serviced.

Any input would help out a lot. We work on all make and model cars. I don't specialize in only on make, we know it all when it comes to do going faster, stopping faster, and cornering better. Please visit my website and familiarize yourself with our company and let me know if our service is something you guys can use. I found this site on google so I am hoping somebody reading can give me some input. Thanks for your help.

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Hi Sam,

thanks for your post. I have removed the links to your business as commercial posts are only allowed after getting an ID confirmed by the site owner, Ian Bowles, whom you can reach here: [email protected]

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