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MCSF rings a bell eh!!
I have a Alfa 156 jts 2.0 Turismo 2002
I puchased this car 2 years ago with a 2year warranty left. The above fault occured 3 weeks after purchase. A the latest count it has
occured 32 times ! It has been back to Sunwin 18 times, and on one occassion alfa of milton keyes sent an engineer up to cure this problem.
Guess what ! its still there !!. This has spent more time in the garage than the engineers. The problem is I love this car and when running ok
is brilliant. However dispair has set in and I may have to change it. A point for alfa to be aware of is if you have an agency to sell your cars
please ensure they have trained engineers to service and fault find ( I'm afraid this is not always the case ) I will now go out and give it a polish ( still looks the classiest car around ) and perhaps have to say farewell to a car that is the cream to look at !
Good luck to you all and may your MCFS go away for ever
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