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MOT time

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And a Pass!

That marks 1 year of GTV ownership with nothing more than expected maintenance! :D
Well impressed and so where the testing centres :thumbs:
Was talking to the owner and his friends while i was waiting and they were commenting on Alfa un-reliability vs there beauty until I pointed out the garage was full of BMW’s and VW’s on ramps not Alfa’s :D
They cracked up and then confessed that none of them had actually had any real issues with Alfa’s in the past and maybe it was more of an old mech saying from when Ford ruled the domestic market.

They did however ask me to pop the hood on the way out so they could see the engine, I obliged and it ended up with about 10 grease monkey starring and asking if I was sure that the chrome runners were not aftermarket :D

All in all a good few hours
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Great news indeed......just shows that if you keep to the service schedule an Alfa is as reliable as any other marque......:thumbs:
I have had 3 tests in my ownership, 3 passes with no advisories......the only part that has been replaced due to a fault and not general wear and tear is a thermostat......pretty sure that they are not made by Alfa......:)
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